Today we talk about ... Peppermint

 It 'came the summer and with it, the pleasure to enjoy fresh, light and fragrant dishes. The best ally in the preparations of some deep-fried, but also in the marinated fish, or grilled vegetables is she, the Peppermint and then we find out something more about this herb fragrant.

The mythology tells of Mintha, daughter of Cocytus, which was madly in love with Pluto; Proserpina, jealous, did not hesitate then to transform it into an herb that took its name, precisely the Mint.

It 'a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the Labiatae family. In herbal medicine it uses the whole plant so much so that its oil, consisting of menthol and menthone has tonic, antiseptic and calming.

Specifically, a few drops of menthol are used as an analgesic in cramps and colic.

An infusion of fresh leaves is a digestive tonic to take before and after meals as before meals excites the appetite and prevents heartburn after meals aids digestion and soothes anxiety and insomnia.

Also useful against itchy skin in the form of a poultice made from fresh leaves applied hot, it is then used in the preparation of refreshing syrups and tonics.

In short, the mint accompanies our summer days so awesome and quenches our thirst but also taking care of our wellbeing without even we realizing it!

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