Chocolatotherapy ... all the benefits of chocolate

The beneficial and curative properties of chocolate have been known since ancient times; the first manuscript that attests prescriptions in favor of this delicious cure dates back to the seventeenth century when these words were advised about therapeutic use for several times a day: "You can drink one or two times a day in the morning .... with benefit made time for digestion and the day five hours after lunch. "

For centuries considered an excellent remedy for sore throat, stomach disorders and rheumatism, it was defined by the Dutch physician Cornelius Bontekoe even elixir of life.

Over the centuries some of the same virtues were questioned and some were even backed up by rigorous scientific studies that demonstrated the role of chocolate in maintaining mental and physical health and the added value of chocolatotherapy.

If your dream has always been to soak in a tub of hot chocolate or relax with scented massage with creams based on cocoa your earthly paradise you'll find it at the Hotel Hershey, at the town of the same name, founded by Milton Hershey , one of the fathers of chocolate made in USA. Tempted?


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