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The brainchild of Antonio Cantieri and Federico Caruso

Best wines(doc) of high quality

Good wine and good food, as we know, at the table go hand in hand. Wine is the completion of a major tasty lunch, enhances the flavors, makes it appealing taste.

On the wine market there is a large selection of wines also online, we were caught by a site that combines quality, passion and affordable price.


Antonio and Federico, how born this passion?

Almost as a joke, I would remember that Federico had worked alongside Alberto Quintarelli, nephew of the great producer of Amarone, for about four years, looking for the whole of Italian wines little known, small and medium-sized tenants, love first of all of their work and their land in search of wines almost exclusive in quality but not in price. 


How your passion has turned into a real business?

The friendship with Antonio gave the input to this beautiful story: Antonio, in fact, had the idea of proposing to Federico to leverage its many years of experience and knowledge to build a website. So it was born website for those who share the same our passion about wine.


A friendship that turns into professional cooperation, it is possible?

With a well-defined philosophy: Federico has always considered, first of all, a big fan, his love and his passion for wine regularly exceeds the commercial aspect, but I am more inclined to the organizational and commercial.

So Federico has selected a number of products which matched with a great quality and a highly affordable price. And this is our philosophy, quality at the right price.


So the idea of the website to spread your 'idea of wine' ...

Presenting the products on the website gave us the opportunity to make ourselves known to the general public of the internet and gave them the opportunity to share this common passion according to this philosophy.


Worthily to crown the task they have undertaken, it has also created a blog .... why?

Federico, who has long been a sommelier, also wanted to create a free consultation service in the website, and it is designed to allow customers and not,  to choose the right wine for the right occasion, drinking very well and always spending a reasonable fee .


Thus spreading information and ...

Exactly. For this purpose the website were then provided of three special categories: the great wines forgotten, the award-winning wines, and wines with a value for money very interesting.


Wines forgotten? What does it mean?

Those are wines that have made the wine history of Italy, but that with the passage of time have been forgotten, because not supported by adequate marketing strategies. So few people know for example, that a Gattinara, or a Boca, have little or nothing to envy such a Barbaresco, (maybe Gaya).


The third category seems very interesting ... would you explain it better? ...

Travelling in Italy has allowed us to discover small and sometimes very small busyness, that give excellent wines and, with long experience of Federico was easy to eliminate all those commercial products often of poor quality, but high price, replacing them with real wines that enchant the consumer not to empty your pockets.

For wines to the right price, they were chosen those products that because almost unknown, offer a quality that exceeds that well at their price. In future it will also be an information service provided by email reserved for anyone who requests and totally free. 


A last question, then, for wine lovers ... what gives  them

It's not just a place to buy wine at reasonable prices, but it is also a meeting point for fans, who want to know more, to become more independent and create a healthy judgment, to enjoy of great pleasure that a great wine can procure, and when I say ‘great’ I am also referring to products under 10 €. This then is our mission and we think our customers rarely find sites like ours, where the passion and love for wine are the masters, well before of the economic self-interest. 

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