Nature Becomes Her: FIRMING CREAM

As time passes our skin tissue tend to relax and lose tone and elasticity also because of a wrong lifestyle, unhealthy diet and stress of city life.

To counteract the loss of tone must act on the dermis, which has the function of supporting the skin tissue.

 It is in this cellular area that we can act to support the firming of the skin, thanks to the presence of substances such as collagen and elastin, the main factors of firmness and elasticity.

Around 35/40 years is recommended regular use of firming creams to counter the signs of aging by keeping your skin tone fresh and fed but, in my many years of experience as a beautician, it would be better to start taking care of your skin too before.

Using a few simple steps you can get back in shape quickly.

Today I want to present my firming and toning shea butter cream:

Shea Butter has in itself significant firming as it is rich in vitamin A; to this I add the essential oils of pine and rosemary, rich invigorating, sage and lavender that have also firming and finally almond oil helpful to make the skin return elastic.

Cream, easily absorbed, it makes immediately your skin nourished, smoother and firmer.

It clearly needs small daily efforts to achieve the best results by following a few simple rules:

The cream should be used morning and evening with circular movements on all affected areas for at least two consecutive months. Even if you have little time, remember that is just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening because you must use it in small quantities.

I conclude with a small but very useful advice of beauty that could become a way of life, that improves your physical appearance without excessive effort:

Before leaving the shower alternate on the whole body sprinkles of cold water and then hot water, for at least 10 times, concluding with a hot sprinkle so that the pores favor the absorption of the cream.

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