Brolio Castle between wine, food and legends

Legend says that, during the full moon nights, around the majestic castle of Brolio, roams the ghost of the Iron Baron (Barone di Ferro); even today there are those people who swear they saw him, at night, ride his horse followed by hunting dogs.

Countless times the bed of the Baron was saw untidy, even after his death, as if he had never left his earthly home and witnessed the last witnessed appearance dates back to 1965 when, Renato Polese, journalist of the Sunday Courier , had the audacious idea of ​​spending a night at the castle, just intrigued by the rumors about the ghost.

At midnight his wishes were granted and the bold journalist found himself in the presence of the ghost of the Ricasoli. He was enraptured by this evanescent presence and the next week dedicated a three-page article to his extraordinary adventure.

But who was Bettino Ricasoli? Called the 'Iron Baron' for the firmness of his ideals, he was one of the most important politicians of the nineteenth century.

Among the supporters of the unification of Italy, Bettino plays an essential role for the city of Florence by covering for a few years, the office of mayor.

Wine lover is the first to create the perfect blend for Chianti mixing three grapes that will determine the official recipe of Chianti Classico until 1967.

A tireless traveler and lover of wines, the Ricasoli, wants, among other things, also the reconstruction of the castle in its current image, according to the taste medieval era.

Nestled in the hills of Chianti, dominating the southern valley, the beautiful castle can be visited for a fee and during the visit you can taste the flavor of wines in the Enoteca.

The castle abducts the guest for its magnificence and is also famous for its sumptuous banquets prepared in honor of illustrious guests present during the numerous hunting trips.

We offer a recipe reserved for hunters guests of the Castle: 'The hare of castle', also called 'Hare with three wines' as this delight cooks in just three types of wines. Tasty is an understatement!

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