Beauty recipes

Beauty recipes

Did you know that the ingredients that we normally use for our recipes in the kitchen can also be used for other purposes? For example Miss Alessandra Scassa, beautician, makes creams and products generally for the body. has interviewed exclusively.


How did you start this business?

"For several years I deal with aesthetics, especially intended as a model of prosperity and growth of 'self-esteem as you wish well and look good I think it is a big and important step for living life, even through the world of pleasure and liking" .


What are the advantages of your products?

"In this age in which our body is too often exposed to sources of foul-up and stress and the products on the market are mostly chemical and artificial, we can regain our beauty and nourish our bodies back to nature and rediscovering the ancient remedies that it offers us. "


What are the ingredients you use the most in your 'beauty recipes'?

"The elements that make up my creams are only products that come from the earth, and of natural origin:

shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, rosemary, lavender, calendula ... and many others. "


Alessandra showed us the features of some ingredients she used:


Karitè butter: it grows in the savannah and is also called the "tree of health and youth"; contains vitamin A, D, and E.

Because of its wealth, Alessandra uses it as the basis of many cosmetic products; has exceptional properties for the skin, great for creating anti-stretch mark creams and do in order to accompany the evolution of the body ... in adolescence and pregnancy. Its anti-aging effect makes it surprisingly effective in preventing and / or reduce wrinkles.

It has emollient, moisturizing, healing.


Jojoba oil: from pressing the seed of the jojoba plant, which comes from the desert areas of North and Central America, is derived Jojoba oil.

This oil is very well suited as a base in cosmetics because it has a high content of vitamin E, minerals and natural healing substances and nutrients. Strengthens the skin tissue and prevents wrinkles.


Oil of sweet almonds: you get through the cold pressing the ripe seeds of the almond tree. It is an excellent emollient for dry and sensitive skin, it is easy absorbability, rich in vitamin E, B and minerals.

It is a healing oil and protective and can also be used in the preparation of creams suitable for the care of the delicate skin of babies.

Grapeseed oil: you get from small seeds contained in grape berries, is excellent as an anti-aging as it combats the proliferation of free radicals, contains Vitamin E and antioxidants.

This oil is used in particular in the preparation of anti-wrinkle creams.

Coconut Oil: A native of the Indonesian archipelago is derived from the nuts of the coconut palm getting it through the drying of pulp. It has functions firming, emollient, nourishing.

Besides being useful in the preparation of creams for face and body, even tanning, it is used for making excellent oils for hair.

Indian women such as combing every morning with coconut oil and have gorgeous hair.

Aloe vera: is a plant that prefers prodigious dry climates and warm; native to Australia, tones and increases the protective functions of the body. It's moisturizing and promotes the reintegration of water in the tissues of the skin; is healing and relieves the itching; is detoxifying and helps to expel from the body impurities. With aloe creating masks for oily skin, creams for combination skin problems and psoriasis.

Rosemary: is a plant bushy, highly branched, evergreen leaves with small and narrow, which contain an essential oil very valuable. Has deodorant properties, toning and purifying; useful in case of oily skin. Alessandra prepare tonics for problem skin, massage oils for cellulite and sludge.

Lavender: there are so many different kinds of lavender. It is a plant with purple flowers and fragrant.

It is anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkle and even dandruff. From it are derived creams for the face, for the treatment of cellulite, oils for the hair, creams for skin discolouration (patches of skin) and acne.

Calendula: is a herbaceous plant, which has many ramifications, where they develop flowers of yellow-orange. Moisturizing is also excellent for the treatment of acne and boils. Thanks to its properties, Alessandra uses it to make creams for the face and hand creams.

If you wish to contact Alessandra, please write to:

3381883167 - 3803632992

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