The magic of herbs on the table

Did you know that every time we get in the kitchen we become a bit 'in magicians, alchemists and even a little' scientists. This is partly because the combination and dosages of each ingredient give life to what will be a masterful dish or a real failure culinary, but also because without realizing it, we are going to use spices, herbs and plants that Mother Nature gives us also to preserve our health and then as a real blessing for some minor ailments. It may seem almost incredible to imagine that with a dinner prepared our body will be purified, or that, by using a spice our cough allergic gave us a very prolonged truce yet, that's it! Some examples? Well: Laurel, which we often use to prepare succulent roasts but also to flavor soups and gravies is effective against colds exploiting berries pulverized, rheumatism, and excessive sweating through a decoction of crushed berries; Basil, aromatic plant queen of our tables, is soothing in the states of anxiety and / or insomnia, help in case of gastrointestinal disorders and against cough and phlegm always in the form of decoction of the leaves and flowers; Green Sage, which frequently accompanies the preparation of our dishes of meat and game has balsamic properties, is digestive through the specific preparation of a wine made from steeping the leaves, bile stimulant and is effective against hair loss.

Countless examples would be quoted to show how wisely we can learn to dose and to prepare recipes right not only to flavor our palate but also for the proper functioning of that wonderful and perfect "machine" that is the human body .

For now, just know this, but do not worry, we will continue to inform you and to help you in this culinary-nature trail with many more new information about the "miracles" of the herbs from our garden!

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