Avocado: a thousand resources.

How many times did you see, among the many colors of the fruit and vegetable markets, this exotic fruit and wrinkled-looking, how many times have you been tempted to buy it but, assailed by doubts about how to use it you have given up the unusual purchase?

Well, in this article we will take you to discover the 1000 virtues of avocado and its most common use, in the kitchen and beyond.

First it must be said that the avocado is a fruit native from Central America but has spread and grown in Indonesia, in Israel and in the United States; green and looking wrinkled yellow flesh has a tendency to green.

From the nutritional point of view it must be said that the Avocado is a fruit rich in fats (strange but true!) but, being of vegetable origin, these fats are a real blessing for our body as antioxidants present in the fruit have the same function of olive oil in the fight cholesterol so-called "bad".

The uses in the kitchen are numerous: Mexican cuisine places it in guacamole, seasoning for tacos which includes among other ingredients just avocado. Also present in the preparation of the Japanese sushi, as in cafeterias where French is served as an appetizer accompanied by a simple vinaigrette made with mustard, to the United States where it is often served as a main dish filling. Also used in vegan cooking as a substitute for animal fats, you can taste it spread on sandwiches accompanied with bacon or smoked salmon, or combining it with chocolate or a cream to yogurt. Only trick: to consume mature and cook on low heat as acquire a sweet taste and a soft texture not too pleasing.

Finally a beauty tip: reduced in cream along with other fruits such as bananas or simply mixed with milk is a great skin moisturizer, perfect for the preparation of beauty masks.

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