Italian recipes

Italy is a country of ancient and renowned culinary culture. Each region has its typical dishes and specialties sometimes famous and appreciated all over the World. In regional recipes you will find the most famous, but also the most popular recipes and most renowned local dishes

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Calabrian crustoli

The Calabria, in the Christmas days brings on table the crustoli; delicious fried dumplings covered entirely with honey! Simple to prepare, hard to resist!

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Eggplants in oil by Napoli

Wonderful ancient traditions; preserves were the way, our ancestors were walking in step with the rhythms of nature in full respect of seasons. Delicious!

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Cartellate by Puglia

Are the highlight of Puglia pastries, symbol of the holiday, this typical Christmas sweets is proposed in the version of Bari, where, instead of honey, finds the must or cooked figs.

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Potatoes donuts by Puglia

So sweet and so good these potatoes donuts by Puglia; along with other sweet specialties, enrich and smell the long Christmas tables!

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Calabrian Mostaccioli

Really tasty and beautiful these Calabrian pastries, to nibble with a good white wine maybe liqueur.

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Calabrian Pitta 'mpigliata (Pitta' nchiusa)

This traditional Christmas cake by Calabria, particularly common in the province of Catanzaro, is a flagship of the culinary art of this land.

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Christmas pasticelle (Christmas chestnuts pancakes)

The chestnuts 'Pasticelle' are Christmas pancakes typical of the Piana del Sele and Picentini mountains but are well spread all over the Campania and ... guess why? Too good!

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Scauratielli by Cilento

Delicious fritters by Cilento sweetened with pouring delicious honey; will be hard to resist ... one leads to another.

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